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stratus pricing


Stratus ESG Transponder: $2,995.00

Stratus ES Transponder: $2,495.00

Stratus 3i Kits

Stratus ESG+3i: $3,495.00

Stratus ES+3i: $2,995.00

Pricing is for equipment only, please contact us today for installation on your specific aircraft!

stratus esg ads-b out transponder

The Stratus ESG transponder is an ADS-B out transponder with a built-in GPS/WAAS receiver. Perfect ADS-B solution for aircraft without a GPS/WAAS Navigator. This transponder requires GPS antenna mounted externally on top of the aircraft.


stratus es ads-b out transponder

The Stratus ESG transponder is an ADS-B out transponder that requires GPS/WAAS position information from a compatible navigator.


stratus 3 ads-b in solution

Stratus transponder and receiver.png
Stratus transponder with 3i and iPad.png
Stratus 3i.png

The Stratus 3i Portable gives you ADS-B in that can be displayed onto your iPad or tablet using the ForeFlight App. With its WiFi capability, the 3i connects easily to your device while in your aircraft.

This unit is interfaced to the transponder for power and comes with a mounting cradle that allows for installation of equipment with the convenience of being able to remove the portable from the aircraft when not in use.

3i is compatible with either the ES or ESG transponder.

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