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Gnx 375 ads-b and gps navigation system

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List Price: $7,995.00

Air One Price: $7,200.00

Price is for equipment only. Installation dependent on type of aircraft. Request a quote below for your specific aircraft!

The GNX 375 is the all-in-one touchscreen ADS-B In/Out Transponder and GPS WAAS Navigator. This unit gives pilots a 2 inch display with a moving map that replaces your current transponder and adds GPS navigation to your aircraft to easily perform LPV approaches.

With the GNX 375, you can pair it with Garmin flight displays, such as the G5, or you can also have it interfaced to your aircraft's existing course deviation indicator. This unit will provide GPS/WAAS position information to the Garmin G5 so that only one GPS antenna would need to be installed if you add the G5 or Dual G5 to the GNX 375; additionally, the GNX 375 will interface to other flight displays such as the Aspen EFD1000 and Sandel 3308 HSI. 

The unit also has built-in Bluetooth capability for allowing connectivity to your portable device such as an Ipad or tablet; works with Garmin Pilot. This allows you to display traffic, weather, and even back up attitude information all on your portable device. Click here for more GNX 375 information!

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