FAA Approved Repair Station OECR893K

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What's your type?

Whether you are a pilot who flies IFR conditions or just sticks to VFR travel, we have full capability and knowledge to certify your aircraft for the 91.411, 91.413 and 91.217 FAR bi-annual requirements.

These certifications can be done typically in an hour for VFR and two to three hours for IFR, depending the type of aircraft. Dual IFR can also be performed if required. If an aircraft were to fail one of these certifications, we can usually troubleshoot and fix the causing issue in shop.

Contact us today to schedule your IFR or VFR certification today! AOG rates applicable. 

Certification rates

All certification rates are charged at a flat rate. The flat rate includes bench testing of equipment (if applicable) and simulation in aircraft testing, one hour troubleshooting and return to service paperwork.

Shop Rate*: 

VFR Certification: $257.25

IFR Certification: $362.25

IFR (Dual) Certification: $446.25

*These rates apply to most single engine aircraft. Please contact us for rates involving other types of aircraft including: pressurized, twin-engines, etc.