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ADS-B Solutions

ADS-B operates on two frequencies: 1090 ES or 978 UAT. Going 1090-ES means your looking to replace your Mode C transponder for an ADS-B (Mode S) capable one that will interface to your GPS/WAAS navigator or have built-in GPS in the transponder. If you choose to go 978 UAT, there are many options that allow you to keep your current transponder while adding a data-link ADS-B solution; these options rely heavily on the state of your transponder. It is recommended to consult with us before deciding if UAT is the solution for you.

If you plan to fly above 18,000', having a 1090-ES is required. 

1090 ES
978 UAT

UAT ADS-B will be compliant if you are flying below 18,000'. 

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